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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Center for Rural Affairs - In the News

Center for Rural Affairs – In the News
Recent news coverage of the Center for Rural Affairs and our work included a quote from Executive Director Chuck Hassebrook in The New York Times November 14, 2005 article, "In Ord, Neb., the Latest Success Is 20 New Residents," by Kenneth J. Stier.

The article discussed how community foundations are helping struggling towns to attract commerce and people.

Chuck was quoted as saying, "It's one thing for someone to get a job; it's another for people to start to build assets because this ownership gives you a certain stability, a certain security to ride out tough times. That gives them a degree of control over their lives because it keeps more control of the local economy in the hands of people who actually live in the community."

The Times website can be viewed at Please note there may be a charge to view archived articles.

We were also mentioned in the article “The Land of the Free” in the July 11, 2005 issue of Time magazine which discusses rural communities’ use of land giveaways and other incentives to address depopulation and out-migration. The article quotes the Center for Rural Affairs report Fresh Promises: Highlighting Promising Strategies of the Rural Great Plains and Beyond -

This summer the Des Moines Register also concluded a major, two-part series on farming and related domestic farm policy entitled “On New Ground.” The Register series quotes Center staff and reports on several occasions and examines a number of significant issues facing family farmers and rural communities in Iowa and throughout the Midwest and Great Plains.

Congratulations and many thanks to Center for Rural Affairs staff, especially Jon Bailey and Kim Preston, whose interviews and research materials facilitated this important media coverage of issues confronting family farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

For more information see - and to see more of
Jon and Kim's work -

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