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Monday, January 02, 2006

Rural Action Network

Building a National Network for Action

Kathie Starkweather, Center for Rural Affairs,

Organizing rural people across the country is the focus of a new effort the Center and others are spearheading to strengthen all of rural America

You have made a difference in our fight for Rural America, and we thank you. However, greater numbers of people focused on the same issue together can make an even bigger difference. The Center for Rural Affairs is in the beginning phases of creating a vehicle for change: the National Rural Action Network.

We need federal policy that creates a fair opportunity for rural people. Rural areas are falling farther behind metropolitan areas in all economic indicators, and yet national policymakers have not responded with rural policies that create genuine opportunity for rural people.

The need for a well-organized constituency for rural opportunity is obvious. The Center for Rural Affairs, along with some key partners, plans on creating such a constituency that will impact policy decisions.

This network for action will allow thousands of people throughout the country to speak out on the need to create public policies that support a better rural future. Over the next few months we will invite and create an Advisory Committee.

The National Rural Action Network is an aggressive idea whose time has come. As we move forward, look for updates in our newsletter. We are very excited about this concept and expect it to have a major impact for Rural America. Stay tuned.

You can becom a part of the Rural Action Network by signing up at

for more information about the Rural Action Network contact or post a question or comment here or contact John Crabtree,

Center for Rural Affairs
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