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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Don't Sign Away a Fair Tax System

Don’t Sign Away a Fair Tax System

by Chuck Hassebrook, Center for Rural Affairs,

Out of state interests are circulating misleading petitions that will ultimately raise property taxes, close schools and damage public services. Please don’t sign it.

The proposal to cap state spending would simply force spending off of sales and income taxes down to more local units of government and on to property taxes, the most burdensome tax. Local officials would be faced with the choice of slashing local services or raising taxes on homes and agricultural land.

The petition was filed by well healed out of state interests paying circulators $2.50 for every signature. If they can get the signatures, they can then buy the vote through an expensive barrage of big money advertising.

Don’t fall for it. The petition process should be for grassroots initiatives, not for out of state interests to buy their way on to the ballot. If approached tell them no and ask the circulator to stop pushing a proposal that will undermine our future and raise property taxes. Please urge your friends and neighbors to do the same.

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