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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vote on November 7th

Vote on November Seventh
By Elisha Greeley Smith,, Center for Rural Affairs

Voting is the most cherished right of American citizenship and a crucial responsibility for rural Nebraskans. You have a chance on November 7th to help create a future for rural Nebraska with thriving family farms and ranches and vibrant rural communities

Here are three votes you can cast for the future of rural Nebraska.

Vote “No” on Initiative 423. Initiative 423 will increase property taxes for farmers, ranchers and other rural business and property owners. Initiative 423 will force rural schools to choose between higher taxes or drastic budget cuts that will harm education and limit our children’s futures. Initiative 423 will force rural communities to cut police, fire and rescue services; and reduce investment in economic development and critical infrastructure.

Vote “Repeal” on Initiative 422 (repeal of LB 126). LB 126 mandates the assimilation of all Class I districts (elementary only schools) into K-12 districts. School consolidation should be a local decision based on local circumstances. Given the economic and social importance of schools to rural communities, citizens deserve a voice in the future of such a vital institution.

Vote “Yes” on Amendment 5. Amendment 5 would allow the use of the school lands trust fund, already dedicated to public schools, for early childhood education programs. Amendment 5 will give children from vulnerable families a better opportunity to do their best in school – without increasing taxes. Investing in early childhood education helps children in school and throughout their lives and increases the likelihood they will attend college.

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