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Monday, January 22, 2007

Why No One Should Miss Marketplace...

Why No One Should Miss Marketplace

By John Crabtree,, Center for Rural Affairs

On Wednesday, February 28, 2007 people will have the opportunity to participate in Marketplace: Opening Doors to Success, at the Ramada Inn in Kearney, Nebraska. Marketplace is the first conference of its kind in this part of the country and will focus on how entrepreneurship and innovation can help our rural communities thrive by focusing on proven rural strategies to build assets and create economic opportunities from within.

The Center for Rural Affairs decided to host Marketplace after discussing the success of North Dakota’s Marketplace with the planners of that annual event.

Exhibiting at MarketPlace provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to reach an audience seeking opportunities to start and grow their businesses. Individuals attending the conference will be afforded the opportunity to make professional contacts, network with other entrepreneurs, and locate potential customers and suppliers. With 50 booths filled with successful small businesses and service providers, attendees will meet exhibitors with a broad array of business and professional experience.

Marketplace attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in teach-ins focusing on financing, marketing, community capacity, innovative agricultural opportunities, small business development and public policy. Experts in many fields such as attorneys, accountants, web designers, etc. will be available to answer participant questions.

Entrepreneurs, farmers, ranchers, community leaders, rural developers, … everyone interested in revitalizing rural communities and rural economies will find many opportunities to meet, listen to and talk with their peers and other experts about rural community development and issues impacting rural communities.

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