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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Farmers, Ranchers - Thinking of Retiring?

Farmers and Ranchers, are you thinking of retiring?

Mike Heavrin, Center for Rural Affairs,

In an effort to keep family farms and ranches in the hands of family farmers and ranchers, the Center is updating our database of landowners who are thinking about retirement in the next few years – landowners who are interested in seeing the countryside dotted with individual families engaged in agriculture.

Please – if you are going to retire in the next few years and are willing to assist beginning farmers and ranchers in getting started, contact the Land Link program at the Center. Many of the beginning farmers and ranchers in this project are willing to work on your farm or ranch with the understanding that they might someday be able to own and operate the land you’ve cared for so diligently.

The Center will use the database for only one purpose – to provide land-link information to beginning farmers and ranchers. Periodically, the Center will also provide you, the landowner, with names and contact information of persons wishing to make farming or ranching their way of life. Our hope is that this information will result in career relationships being developed between retiring landowners and beginning farmers and ranchers.

If you are a landowner who will probably retire in the next few years and are willing to help a new family get started in farming or ranching, please consider sending the following information for the Land Link data base: name, address, phone, email, number of acres in your operation, year (or range of years) you are hoping to retire, major crops and/or livestock in your operation.

Please return this information to Mike Heavrin, or by mail:
Center for Rural Affairs
PO Box 136
Lyons NE 68038.

If you have questions, call our Lyons office, 402.687.2100 and ask for Michael Holton or Mike Heavrin, or call 402.254.6893 in Hartington and ask for Wyatt or Martin.

or post a question or comment here or contact John Crabtree,

Center for Rural Affairs
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